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The Arab House of Trade is a multi-trade company, based in Amman, Jordan founded in 1990 and since has been introducing the latest and most innovative technologies to Jordan. 


It began with its main focus in Lighting Solutions and has expanded its electrical and electronic product line to cater to the ever growing demand of its clients, introducing not only the latest in lighting solution technology but also bringing in a variety of other products to better the lives of their clients. It is now a major distributor and reseller for large International based companies.


The Arab House of Trade believes in a vision to deliver cutting edge technology and innovation to the growing needs of the Jordanian market.


The Arab House of Trade sources the latest from lighting technology equipment, to installation and maintenance. Its team prides itself with over 50 years of electro-mechanical experience. 


According to its customers' needs the Arab House of Trade offers indoor, outdoor, commercial, technical and specialized lighting and caters to individual, corporate, industrial, aviation and many more industries. 


Along with the Lighting Solutions the Arab House of Trade also provides Aviation Lighting, Lightning Protection, Power Transmission & Distribution Services, Electrical Construction Material, as well as Air Purification & Ventilation Equipment. 

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